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Here's a rough guide to my short stories to date. I'll change the link to different stories from time to time but for starters I offer "The Adventures Of Henry Auburn" for you to enjoy. I'd love some feedback and please let me know if you'd like to read any of the others. Thanks again for your interest. Read on .....


Doctor's Orders

Dr Murray has grown weary of seeing battered women in her Blue Mountains practice and has decided to do something about it.

Cher Ami

Ruth Belmore, investigative columnist doing penance on Hayman Island and finds a bigger story than she had reckoned on.

The Tree and the Worm

A tragic comedy of love, pride, betrayal and revenge, irony and manners, and the consequences of jumping to conclusions.


An alternate view of history from the point of view of Walter Raleigh and the Lenni Lenape Confederation.


Sarah Stories


Sarah and the Whale

Sarah found a fish on her beach, a big fish. She had to tell Daddy…


Sarah and Davie get a lesson in life following a brief encounter with the black snake called Slither.


Henry Auburn Stories


The Adventures of
Henry Auburn


When Young Sir Henry learns that it takes more than strength, courage and skill the sorcery of a woman is involved.

The Upswitch Papers

Freddy White, ex-con and reformed junkie, working security for a pharmaceutical firm, breaks into his boss’s house to steal stuff then conveniently OD’s immediately after Henry Auburn finds him? Henry doesn’t think so.

The Missionaries

Dr Paul Christian, anthropologist, churchman and enlightened creationist learns that missionary work, like evolution, can go many different ways.

Murphy's World

Kevin Ratz gets a lesson in diplomacy when he tries to invade Murphy’s hideaway.






A short novella about life on the road

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