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Here you can listen to samples of some of my songs from 2 of my CD's - Going South and An Unsuccessful Outlaw. You can contact me direct to buy either of them using PayPal. Thanks and I hope you enjoy listening.

Going South - Jack Pledge

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Going South
Jack Pledge

1. What Did My Daddy Know? (Full track)
2. Illicit Passion
3. Going South (Full track)
4. I Got One About You
5. I Must Be Out Of My Mind
6. Farmer John
7. Everything Is You
8. Two Pirates
9. If I Could
10. We Got It Right
11. Old Hotels
12. Mountain Morning
13. Reverend Raymondo
14. Blacktown Jig


An Unsuccessful Outlaw - Jack Pledge

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An Unsuccessful Outlaw
Jack Pledge

1. An Old Fashioned Dance
2. Since You've Been Gone (Full track)
3. Christine
4. The Unsuccessful Outlaw
5. A Hard Way To Learn
6. Spending Money
7. Try A New Face
8. I Count Myself Lucky
9. Where You Gonna Sleep (Full track)
10. The Honky Tonk Blues
11. Waterfall
12. Stay At Home
13. A Place On The Road
14. Alone Again


Review of "An Unsuccessful Outlaw"

"Silver-haired JACK PLEDGE has just released his brand new CD An Unsuccessful Outlaw; 14 tracks written by Jack himself. The songs are easy listening with soft crooning ballads and up-tempo foot-tappers. The album opens with An Old Fashioned Dance; a pretty love song. Christine tells about a child of the Stolen Generation who beat the odds. The title track An Unsuccessful Outlaw is a tale about starting a new life in a new land. A Hard Way To Learn is about mistakes and consequences. Spending Money is a cool swinging instrumental. I Count Myself Lucky and Stay At Home have the feet itching to dance. Where You Gonna Sleep is a thought provoking look at the homeless people we so often ignore. The Honky Tonk Blues is prohibition era gin-hall blues in the finest traditions. Jack’s vocals are strong and pleasant and his songs have every box ticked to make an entertaining package."

Deborah Minter from Capitol News


CD's Available

CD - Going South

Going South

Acceptance Mark CD - Unsuccessful Outlaw

An Unsuccessful Outlaw

Acceptance Mark